Leslie Wagner Wilson

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Soul Restoration – Let Your Soul be Well.


Some have said that Leslie Wagner Wilson has had a horrific life. After all, she endured being held captive for 16 months in a jungle compound titled “Jonestown” where she witnessed suicide drills, worked 10 hours 6 days a week in the jungle heat, had dreams of medical school stolen, watched those labeled “high risk be denied medical care and some medicated for fear they were a flight risk..all under the leadership of a madman called Jim Jones.  And above all that she escaped the day of the infamous murder suicide referred to as the Jonestown Murder-Suicide, carrying her 3 year old son, over 30 miles to another town, only to arrive and find out the next morning, that Jonestown no longer existed, due to a suicide of all of its 918 member including her mother, sister, brother, husband, niece and nephew and the many she grew up with since the age of 13.

Yes, most would call her life tragic… but she decided to fight through the Post Traumatic Stresss, Survival Guilt, drug addiction, homelessness in order to HEAL.  She will share with you herself the long term affects of not speaking of our trauma for fear of giving it life. When speaking it absolutely moves you toward a freedom of acknowledgement and forgiveness which begins the journey of healing.

Leslie will share with you the resiliency of the human spirit and the work it takes to bring you back to center.

Leslie works in the following areas:

  • Forgiveness - Your journey to freedom

  • The Path to Healing

  • The Power of Love

  • The Signs of a Cult